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More than Just a Tee

Posted by Janice East on

It’s more than “just a t shirt.” I was listening to a podcast this afternoon and the lady was telling about how it was about more than just selling a shirt and I wholeheartedly agree. She made a point of spreading positivity with her shirts and I strive to do the same thing.

I have met some amazing people all because of “just a t shirt.” Once I had an online order that wanted it delivered to someone else instead of mailed. Back then I grumbled “don’t they know it’s easier to mail” vs driving to town (back when I worked at home and 2 gallons of gas cost more than shipping.) BUT, I left that delivery knowing I had met someone who I was 100% meant to meet and she’s become a friend and it’s so awesome to have her in my corner… and my perspective changed that day!

Then there was a time I shared a booth setup and tagged Jeff for helping us. One of his classmates saw a tee and messaged me, so she could pick it up at the Yamboree. Since, I’ve met and became friends with sister and mother as well. I remember delivering a tee to her mom and she ask me to set on the porch and visit…. For an hour. I cherish those memories and getting to visit with her, because it wasn’t long after that I made flowers to honor her.

Last year, we were able to help tornado victims, by way of a tee.

In 2020, just some tees helped turned my year around.

You know we always love being able to create designs that tell a story and help you celebrate those special moments.

After many shows or days at the shop, I’ve said it’s the friendships, conversations, and stories that we will carry with us than mean so much.

I could go on and on with the stories, but after listening to the podcast, now I’m wondering what more can we do to make a difference or who will cross our paths, all because of “just a tee?“

To all of you who wear our tees or ask us to create them for you… thank you! ❤️


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