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Wedding and Event Pictures

Posted by Janice East on

2020 has got off to a busy start! Last week, we had several events, all happening at the same time. It took lots of planning and coordinating, but we pulled them all off, with help from our friends! The Mineola Antique Fair was Friday and Saturday, with us having to put the finishing touches on our new space on Thursday morning. I also had funeral flowers to deliver on Friday and a wedding on Saturday. I did as much advanced prep work the week before, since I knew it was going to be a busy weekend.   
We finshed setting up Thursday, then I picked up all the flowers and started the prep work for Friday and Saturdays arrangements. I opened Friday and closed on Saturday in Mineola, and in between made lots of pretty floral bouquets. This large arch was one of our favorite things to make. The Spencer Wedding was held at Dove Hollow Estates in White Oak. Madison's colors were white, black, silver, and burgundy. 
 The view from the second story...
The bridesmaids carried bouquets of burgundy roses and callas.

 The front entrance of the elegant barn.

 Hydrangeas and iced branches comprised the entryway arrangement, where guest would sign in.
 Sharlette helped me with the on location work at Dove Hollow.

 The bridal bouquet was a cascade style arrangement with white roses, callas, and orchids. (Can't wait to see a picture of the bride carrying the bouquet, since I didn't get a great pic of it.)
 Always have my scissors nearby! The arch was huge at about ten high, so we climbed up and down the ladder a lot.

 Friday night we had storms and a huge temperature drop. Saturday temps were definitely winter like, but the shows had to go on! As soon as we finished up with the wedding, we hit Highway 80 west to Mineola.  Many local schools and businesses closed early on Friday (in anticipation of a storm that didn't hit till after 10:00 pm Friday night. We certainly didn't close or stop work, because the shows had to go on. We are thankful that the storms weren't as bad as predicted.
Selbie was nice enough to help Angea, while I wasn't there. 
We are liking our new space in the building and heard lots of compliments on our new set up. One things for sure, one picture can't capture all the booth anymore, as you can shop from all the way around it. 
A couple of years ago, I give a presentation at a 4-H meeting. At the meeting, I officially met Mrs. Fite (although I had known of her for many years.) We talked and she ask for a business card. Later on, we discussed sewing machines, since she wanted to get one for her granddaughter. A few months later, she called me about flowers for her son's funeral. She had specific ideas and flowers she wanted to use and I was able to make the flowers for them. 
Last week, I got a call that she had died and left instructions for her family to call me and I would take care of it. They didn't tell me any colors, just that they needed a casket spray and an easel with ribbons on it (that was the only details that they give me.) That level of trust and respect for my work is truly humbling. I later talked to her sister on the phone and she said Mrs. Fite always talked about my work. 
I knew she had picked out a pink or red dress to be buried in, so I decided to go with a mixture of red roses, stargazer lilies, along with pink and purple mixed flowers. 
 Last week, I also wrote a blog post about living in small town America. The word "Community" was on my mind a lot last week. It was a community service type event where I met Mrs. Fite. It was a lady in our community that recommended me to the Spencer family, when they were wedding planning. It took a community of friends for me to pull off everything in three days. The best selling shirt at the fair last week was the "Rural Route" - it's a t shirt design inspired by our life and work in the rural community and apparently it resonates with many of you as well. 
My business depends on your referrals and an online community of support and shares. I am extremely grateful for all of you that are a part of our community! 


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