All Made to Order Wedding Bouquets have a 2 to 3 week processing time. If rush orders are needed, please let me know your dates and I can confirm availability. Due to supply chain issues, some shirts are not available in all sizes, but we can always put an image on a different color / style of shirt for you. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these times.

New and Newsworthy — support your local farmers and ranchers

Support Your Local Farmers and Ranchers - New Tee + Return of Farmers Market!

Posted by Janice East on

So it went like:  "Hey Brenna, you got an idea for a farmers market themed tee? I want to do something different from last year and put it on a red bleached tee." "What about something with a red tractor?" "Yes! Oh, yes, yes!! I have a red tractor graphic." "Ok!" We were hanging out at my mother in laws house with my niece Brenna, my husband Jeff, and of course Ms. Karen, my sweet mother in law. We ate supper, hand washed the dishes, played with Sally, our puppy, and finally set down with the computer about 10:00 on...

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