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Rust is a Must!

Posted by Janice East on

Of course it is... Rust is a must! A new collection of must-have rustic treasures and tees have hit the websites recently!
vintage style graphic tee shirt with rusty old truck
I love all things
  • tattered
  • shabby
  • cracked
  • chippy
  • old
  • worn
  • rusty
  • weathered
  • vintage
Yes, yes, yes! We do love all these things on the list above and decided to create a t shirt with this design! At first we had the white shirt below, but honestly I seldom wear white, so I added the graphic to the silver tee above. I figured I can't be the only one, so there's options now. I've also done it on a turquoise baseball tee, as someone's request and loved how it looked on it as well!
vintage style graphic tee shirt
rust and romance by gypsy farm girl
In case you missed our recent announcements, we have also added a NEW website: 
Our etsy shop, is still up and running and the items have been listed on each site, so you can shop wherever you prefer. If you are on Facebook, you can shop directly from our page as well! 

upcycled wheel wreath or door hanging.
 Speaking of rusty, weathered and worn things... we've created some door wreath alternatives with old wheels and garden rakes
garden style wreath ideas

garden rake wreath alternative
farmhouse theme
And because we can't let old barn tin go to waste, just because granddaddy's old hay barn came down in jagged and torn pieces, we made tin birds with keys for wings and bottle cap eyes. This is the first time the tin birds have been listed online. I've made the birds on yard stakes before, but the shipping cost was outrageous for a big box, so we just sold those in person at our events. The last time we made birds, we decided some would be on wire hangers, so they can easily be shipped and you can hang them anywhere you want to! With two sizes, I'm calling them the "mama birds" and "baby birds!" 
rustic garden decor

 I had random shapes left after cutting the birds out and decided to make butterflies, using keys for antenna and a spindle for the body. These have had some identity crisis as they've been called butterflies, dragonflies, and even bumble bees... I'll let you decide what they are!

 Now even though we love rust, sometimes we need a little sparkle! These new stainless steel water bottles have the glitter effect with vintage style graphics. We never leave home, without taking water or tea with us. With it being summer time, I often need more than one cup, so these water bottles are great to take a refill. When we were at our show last week, I filled my big tumbler with ice tea and took two bottles of water in my bag. I love that they are stainless steel and reusable. There is a very limited quantity of these, so grab them now!
reusable water bottle

road trip supplies

reusable water bottle


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