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Find us the NEW Kickin' K Cattle Co Boutique!

Posted by Janice East on

2020 has been off to a busy start! Just a little over 2 weeks ago, I got a message from a friend that she was opening up a new boutique / vendor market and would I like a booth? Ummmm, I thought about it for a little while and finally decided to take a leap of faith and just do it! Then we had to get busy!  I really didn't have any extra display shelves that I can leave in a store all the time and of course, I had to get busy making inventory to stock the booth, before the Grand Opening on February 1, 2020. I had 12 days y'all and of course lots of other work to do in the same time frame. We got creative and pulled it off! 
Everything has a story and I must share about a couple of my fixtures. I've known Kadyn, the owner of Kickin' K Cattle Co., almost as long as I've known my husband. We are family friends and her mom says I'm like a sister to her. We purchased several things from Pop's estate (Kadyn's grandfather) about 5 years ago, including the locker. It's been sitting beside our shed, just waiting for a place to go. I've intended to take it to Mineola or another show, but it just didn't happen. I knew I wouldn't have a ton of hanging clothes in this space and the locker would be the right size and give some height to the space, so on a cold January morning, I was outside giving it a bath, before loading it up and taking to the boutique.

 Now for a 5 foot t shirt rack - what could I do??? I thought about a shutter shelf, but then I left two of my tall shutters at the Mineola Antique Fair last month... Jeff said "hey, we are suppose to get the shutters (closet doors) from mama's house." Years ago, a little invention called the microwave called for a kitchen makeover at Jeff's grandparent's (now parent's) house and the sliding pantry doors were removed and stored in the attic. A recent insulating job uncovered the doors and they were moved to the shop, waiting for us to take them home to do something with them! Whewee!  So I painted the doors white and then Jeff cut up a privacy fence panel and removed a few of the slats in the doors to make shelves.
 Clotheslines on the top and bottom allow us to display several shirt styles and then we can have stacks of shirts on the shelves. I've gotta say, we are pretty ticked with how it turned out and didn't cost us anything out of pocket!

Our friends at the thrift store say if you want something, to wish for it. So I wrote my list of wants down, hoping they would come true! The list included a mirror, rug, chandelier, shelves, and drapes.

Well, in a little over a weeks time, we came across all of those things! The ladies at the thrift store called when they got a rug in, that just happens to be the right size, an awesome texture, and color to go with our products. We actually found two mirrors, two pieces of furniture, and some leopard gauze-y, drapy fabric between a couple of estate sales and the thrift store! Angea found a chandelier at a garage sale and sent me pictures wondering if I wanted it? My answer was yes, because all booths need a pretty chandy!
 Jeff was good help in getting all my props built and set up!
We got everything made and ready for opening day on Saturday! Although we won't be working inside the store on a daily basis, we did go for most of the Grand Opening event. It was a busy day at Kickin' K and I've already got to make more shirts to restock and took some custom orders! 

Walking in the front door - see my chandy on the locker?!? My space is on the right side, just before the coffee bar. 
Here I am with Kerri - she's wearing a serape dress from Kickin' K and a denim jacket that I upcycled (It has a leopard cactus on the back of it.) Of course, I am wearing one of my new Cactus Motor Inn bleached tees. 
Becky and Kerri were both wearing one of my jackets and look super cute modeling them! 
It was a great opening and the store was busy all day! If you are near Quitman, Texas, make sure you stop by and tell Kadyn I sent ya. There are at least 18 different vendors in the shop, so you are sure to find something you like! The shop is located right next door to the Dollar General and in the same parking lot as the police station on Highway 37 (main street) and a couple blocks from Highway 154.

 If you aren't local, we still offer our goods on our website and etsy. Plus you can still find us at the Mineola Antique Fair each month.


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